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Ministério do Turismo presents, and Banco do Brasil presents and sponsors the 2nd Arab Women’s Film Festival In Brazil, with a selection of over 40 Arab films entirely available online.


Curated by Brazilians Analu Bambirra, Carol Almeida, and Egyptian Alia Ayman, the Festival brings distinct formats and genres: short, mid-length, and feature films, among fiction and documentaries, which approach political matters, social criticism, family conflicts, utopias, friendships, and masculinities. Twenty-seven films have their premieres in the Festival. Among them, Stand-by Office, Barbès, and Ceuta’s Gate – directed by Moroccan Randa Maroufi, who will participate in a debate about her work –, and When Things Occur (Palestine/United Kingdom,) by Oraib Toukan. 


By promoting the Festival, CCBB reaffirms its support for cinematographic art and cultural exchange. Furthermore, CCBB offers the public a free of charge opportunity of knowing the diversity of the Arab film industry.


Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil

It is with great pleasure that we present the 2nd Arab Women’s Film Festival in Brazil, which takes place from May 19 to 27 June, 2021. In this edition, we selected films that stand as fissures, fighting territories, and spaces of existence. Films that exist among other films, dialoguing either in collision or repulsion courses, but always in motion, creating connections and resignifications. Films that exist as organic beings, inserted in bodies within this borderless space that is our imagination Films as expanded universes, as possibilities of celestial lands to plant new existences and resistances.


The program is composed of a “Filmic Universe” divided into six film sets named after constellations: Canis Major, Andromeda, Serpent, Ursa Major, Belt of Orion, and Red Moon. Weekly, the audience will be able to watch a set of films. We will also host debates featuring the filmmakers, roundtables, and a masterclass with director Larissa Sansour.


When the mundane becomes unbearable and devastating, we need escape routes to cultivate hope and affection. We hope that over the six weeks of the Festival, through these Arab women, we may think of documented or imagined realities so we can find the cracks paths and resist/exist.

Arab Women's Film Festival in Brazil

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